LeBarón family asks BC authorities for help; denounce burning of their land

Around 400 families from a community founded by the LeBarón family in Ensenada, Baja California, ask for help from state and federal authorities since for months they have been intimidated by a group of people who, they say, want to take over their land.

They accuse these people of destroying and setting fire to land and buildings that belonged to them.

The complainant families live in the community of Zarahemla, located in the Guerrero neighborhood, in Ensenada.

In interview for Political Animal, Julián LeBarón pointed out that the intention of the Zarahemla families is to determine themselves because they are tired of the corruption of the authorities and the protection they give to criminal groups.

Julián reported that in recent days the threats against the families have intensified due to the dispute over land located in Zarahemla, which is claimed by the former PRD candidate for the Ensenada Municipal Presidency, Carlos Hafel.

According to Julian, Hafel was born and raised in Zarahemla. As a resident of the community, years ago, the ejidatarios loaned him some land for some time to plant strawberries and support himself. Eventually, Julián says, Hafel left the community to pursue politics.

However, Hafel recently returned only to claim ownership of the land that had been loaned to him.

“He moved his levers with corrupt authorities to seize those lands that are very close to the beaches, he wants to appropriate land that belongs to more than 200 families,” says the activist.

Julián accuses that the authorities and the judge handling the case have been corrupt and favored Hafel.

According to Julián, in addition to legal action, for several months Carlos Hafel has sent armed men to intimidate people and force them to vacate the land they are claiming.

This Wednesday a group of people carrying sticks and stones, led by Carlos Hafel, broke into the land forcing the inhabitants of Zarahemla to evict.

“Hafen paid 500 pesos to 200 laborers from San Quentin to destroy everything that is on that land (…) there were houses, crops, warehouses and workshops,” added Julián.

This Thursday morning, Adrián LeBarón shared an image in which the burning grounds are observed.

Faced with this, the people of Zarahemla blocked a nearby highway, demanding support from the authorities, but so far they have not been treated.

“The authorities do not protect or defend the community (…) the people are already fed up and angry that armed people come to intimidate and that the authorities are on the side of the aggressors (…) the authorities are so corrupt that the National Guard arrives and instead of stopping the vandals, they get to live with Hafen, we have photos and there are witnesses to that, ”says Julián.

Political Animal He consulted the National Guard and the Baja California Attorney General’s Office to find out their position on the case. At the moment it is still awaiting a response.

Julián LeBaron says that given the failure of the authorities, a group of residents of the community in Sonora has already left for Baja California to support the people of Ensenada and achieve self-determination.

“The intention is to self-determine, to separate itself from the corrupt government and the corruption that exists in the institutions and that protect drug traffickers and vandals.”

The LeBaróns plan to offer a press conference this Friday, January 1, to make official their intention of self-determination for the state of Baja California.

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