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‘Leave me alone’

Mario de Diego. Alias ​​@ CoronaVid19. Also known as the Twitter Coronavirus. It has been, without a doubt, one of the great phenomena of the pandemic. Black humor, yes, but also information about the disease and even a part of scientific popularization. It seemed that the person behind the account who has made millions of people laugh at one of the hardest moments of our time was the best kept secret of the pandemic. Until he wrote the book How to stealthily end humanity. At that time, Mario de Diego came to light, although this is not exactly his real name. Yes he is harassment on the internet to which it has been submitted since it has become one of the most followed Twitter accounts in Spain.

With or without his full name, the graduate in Social Education and a master’s degree in Neuropsychology from the Open University of Catalonia behind the Twitter account will be one of the most remembered characters of the crisis that has left more than 3 million people in Spain. infected and more than 75,000 deaths. But fame has a price, even if you don’t want it. Some have told Mario to have haters And being a victim of harassment on social networks can help you have more followers, which are already around one million, or sell more books. “I prefer to sell fewer books and to be left alone,” Diego replied to this statement.

The tweeter who has remained anonymous for most of the pandemic speaks to Hipertextual on what it’s like to deal with online bullying. And he does not do it like @ CoronaVid19, but like Mario de Diego.

Harassment in social networks: the key is in the ideology

Compare a part of his humor with one of the great Spanish comedians: Miguel Gila. Although he defines him as a genius, he recognizes that they agree on parody human behavior. “He used the context of the war in his monologues with phrases like ‘Can’t we start the battle after football?’ The slightly provocative context makes it funnier ”. But he stresses that he has never published a tweet focusing on the tragedy, much less making humor with the victims of the coronavirus.

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