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Layered haircuts that will give your hair movement

If you are one of those who prefer subtle changes, layered haircuts They are the best option for you, since it does not compromise the color or length of your hair, it only gives it more volume and texture.

To achieve a harmonious appearance and take advantage of your best features, it is important to know what is the most suitable style according to your face type. This way you can highlight certain areas to draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones and lips. That is why this time we gather the haircuts that favor each type of face. The best thing is that you can adapt them depending on the length you prefer and the image you want to project.

Just as some garments become a classic due to their versatility, some hair styles can also be considered timeless, since no matter how old you are, they will always help you frame your face, highlight your features and show off your best version.

Layered haircuts


Scaled layers are perfect for framing the face in long hair. In addition to providing volume, they allow to accentuate natural hair loss.

Lob with long layers

El Lob It has become one of the favorite cuts for celebrities in recent years. This is because its versatility allows you to maintain a modern look without risking too short hair.

In the case of round facesThis is the best style, as keeping the length below the chin helps to create a lengthening effect. To give it greater texture and movement, it is recommended to add long layers, that is, starting at the height of the chin to the ends, thus avoiding giving more volume to the part of the cheeks.


Long layers are ideal for round-faced girlsKeeping them close to the ends avoids creating volume on the cheeks that could give a wider face appearance.


If your hair is very straight and you want to give it texture, you can try a shaved Lob. This cut falls above the shoulders and has light layers at the ends for added movement. Create medium to long degraff layers to give your hair more movement and texture. This cut looks best on medium hair above the shoulder.


The marked layers are ideal for women with very straight hair that seek to give it movement. We recommend starting from your chin to avoid creating too much volume at the top.

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