Lavagna published a letter with a list of measures to apply: There are no more excuses

In the letter, titled “The time has come. There are no more excuses.”, Lavagna takes stock of “a very difficult 2020” and holds that “The accumulation of 10 years of stagnation, including economic decline and the pandemic, have put all Argentines at a difficult crossroads.”

“The failure of populist policies on the one hand, or of adjustment policies on the other, plus the paralysis derived from the pandemic, have brought the socioeconomic reality to unsustainable levels”, he adds in the letter.

After noting that “it is necessary to react now with some behavioral changes”, Lavagna develops six axes.

In principle, it proposes “the creation of private work as a central objective, protecting acquired rights but incorporating the majority that today is excluded, without any right, to modern forms of employment” and asks “to give investment and the search for productivity a central role “.

Then apply “to give equity to the retirement system of those who earn the least by making different adjustments to the highest pensions and pensions, in order to reduce the abysmal differences that exist today between the minimum and the privileged systems.”

Then he encourages “start with a process” that includes “lowering the operating costs of the political system” and gives as examples: “Smaller chambers, unicameral provincial legislatures, sharply smaller deliberative councils, strict limits on the number of advisers, etc.”

It also calls for “modifying behaviors and values”, and “preventing public employment from continuing to grow” and, in that sense, proposes “re-educating, redistributing, penalizing useless and bureaucratic interventionism” in order to “give more power to citizens and less to the structures, managerial, union and spurious alliances between the State and pseudo-employers “.

In the same way, he proposes “to progressively disarm the subsidy system that favors concentration in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, because it empties the interior of the country” and highlights that “it is imperative to re-federalize the Nation.

According to the former candidate for the Federal Consensus, there will be “resistance” to his proposals from different sectors but also others. “able to see what Argentine society will be in 20 years if we do not make substantive changes.”

“The more rules, fewer investments; the more interventions, the less productivity. The more fiscal creativity, the more large deviations (wind subsidies, unlimited renewable monopolies); or small deviations (VTVs, automotive registrations, parking meters, wind taxes, etc.)”, lists.

For Lavagna, “We Argentines need a breath of fresh air, more freedom to move creatively; to be productive, not to craftily seek rents that are extracted from the State, which must take care of YES education, health, creating equal opportunities, security, Science and Technology”said the 78-year-old former candidate.

Lavagna’s proposal is not new: in August it presented a document entitled “Pillars of a growth program with inclusion”, which included a labor reform among its main axes, which generates debate and resistance in various sectors, especially in unionism. and in various spaces of the PJ conglomerate.

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