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Laura Pausini moves in the Oscar pregala with "Io Yes"

Los Angeles (USA), Apr 25 (EFE) .- Laura Pausini moved during the Oscar pre-gala with her interpretation in Italian and English of “Io Sí (Seen)”, the song with which she is a candidate for the best original song at the 93rd edition of the awards.

The visibly excited Italian sang alongside composer Diane Warren from the imposing rooftop of the Hollywood Academy Museum, a new building designed by her compatriot Renzo Piano that will open its doors to the public later this summer.

Since he received his nomination, Pausini has lived this experience as a dream “that he never imagined” and a source of pride for his country, since the candidate song is entirely in Italian and serves as the soundtrack for “La vita davanti a sé” (” The Life Ahead “), the first movie Sophia Loren has starred in in nearly a decade.

“I want to live the experience, fly to Los Angeles and it’s there,” said the artist in an interview with Efe from her residence in Rome weeks before the gala.

Thanks to a security protocol designed by the California authorities, he has finally been able to travel to Los Angeles to meet the rest of the nominees at the ceremony after serving a ten-day quarantine.

Pausini attended the gala with composer Diane Warren, who has 12 Oscar nominations throughout her career and asked the singer to translate and perform the song in Italian.

“I read the script and thought about the subject of being seen (‘Seen’) because its protagonists are invisible to society but they see each other, although the film is in Italian and the subject did not work in English,” Warren explained during the pregala.

Pausini, who described the song as “a hug”, recited the song in Italian and also recorded versions in Spanish (“Yo Sí”), Portuguese (“Eu Sim”) and French (“Moi Si”).

The commission also had a very special meaning for the singer, since it arrived during the months of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, which were especially hard in Italy.

“The invitation to work with Sophia Loren has given me air, because when I received the proposal I did not feel capable of singing, I felt useless,” Pausini told Efe during the premiere of the film, a drama about a survivor of the Holocaust that cares for abandoned children, led by Loren’s son, Edoardo Ponti.

“Imagine how I have felt, imagine for an Italian what it means, he is a star in my country and in the world, but he represents something more,” he explained.

Pausini compite contra las canciones “Fight for You”, de D’Mile and H.E.R.; “Hear My Voice”, de Daniel Pemberton; “Husavik”, de Rickard Göransson, Fat Max Gsus y Savan Kotecha, y “Speak Now”, de Sam Ashworth y Leslie Odom Jr.

The five candidates have interpreted their songs during a quiet pregala marked by a reduced red carpet that served as the arrival at a space set up for the 170 guests who will be in person at the event.

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