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Laura Acuña painted her hair herself and we loved the result

Colombian television presenter Laura Acuña dared to do a makeover herself, and the result was great. Although it could be a challenge for any woman to change hair color on her own, the model succeeded.

However, she assured that it took her a lot to dare and that she had never applied a dye herself. But it’s all a matter of paying attention to the instructions and doing things calmly.

Through a video posted on her Instagram account, Laura Acuña shared her experience with her followers. The lawyer had all the professional tools to change her hair tone, as she was sponsored by Palette.

Laura Acuña changed her look by herself

The 38-year-old lawyer had a blonde balayage applied to her mane. However, she wanted to have only one color while preserving her root tone.

At the beginning of the recording, Acuña shows all the materials that she has on hand to bring her hair to a brown color. Then, he divided his mane into four parts to start his change.

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“I DID IT! I didn’t feel capable, until I did it ”, the Colombian began by telling. “I want to share my experience to have a renewed hair from home. How about the color? I am alive and intense and I really enjoyed the process ”, he added.

Likewise, he assured that having Palette’s products was key to his change. “First it motivated me to do this color change at home and with complete peace of mind. It has a new technology that protects hair 3 times more from damage and gives an intense color that lasts for up to 10 weeks ”, he explained.

She also stated that she is very satisfied with her achievement and encouraged her fans to give it a try at home. “I tell you that I am happy. I feel renewed, and what about you for when? ”, He closed.

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