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Launch delayed: Soyuz rocket launches 38 satellites into space

Start is delayed
Soyuz rocket launches 38 satellites

The cargo is valuable – and international: 38 satellites from different nations are supposed to carry a Russian Soyuz rocket into space. However, the start will be postponed at short notice. The exact reasons for this are not known.

Due to technical problems, Russia has postponed the launch of a rocket with 38 satellites from the Baikonur spaceport (Kazakhstan). The new start date is set for this Monday, announced the Russian space agency Roskosmos in Moscow in the evening. A commission has now postponed the start, which was initially postponed to Sunday, to March 22, it said. According to this, a Soyuz rocket will bring the satellites from 18 countries, including Germany, into space.

Roscosmos did not provide any information about the exact causes for the shift. “The reasons are technical, something like that happens in practice,” said a spokesman for the television channel Roskosmos TV. According to Russian sources, the satellites also include a Japanese device called Elsa-d, which is supposed to collect the remains of disused satellites for the first time. In view of the vast amount of space junk, it serves sustainability in the cosmos, it said.

The Technical University of Berlin reportedly has several radio satellites on board the mission. Many of the space bodies from the individual countries, including Saudi Arabia and South Korea, are used for earth exploration and are supposed to send images and data from the planet to ground stations.

According to Roskosmos, these are smaller satellites in different formats with a mass of up to 200 kilograms. They were said to be placed in different orbits. The countries represented also include Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Brazil, Canada, Israel and Great Britain.

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