The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded 25 million infections of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The figure comes when the advance of the pandemic is observed and restrictions are reinstated to try to stop the outbreaks. The region also totals a number greater than 788,000 people who died from the disease.

Latin America is experiencing a rebound in positive cases, in the middle of the Catholic Holy Week holiday. To date, the world registers some 129.2 million infections with more than 2.8 million deaths. The American continent reports 56.1 million inhabitants infected and deaths reach 1.35 million.

The rise in cases generated alarm in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. In the South American giant, records are broken almost daily in figures linked to the health emergency. Regional inequality is observed in the vaccination process in the United States, which already reaches about 100 million people with at least one dose.

The director of the CDC specialized centers, Rochelle Walensky, commented that “more than one in five adults is already fully vaccinated.” President Joe Biden promised last week that 90% of adults would be able to receive vaccines by April 19. Now asked “not to lower our guard” to “finish this job” against the virus.

The Agencia AFP It details that in the US, the country with the most deaths in the world in the pandemic, the authorities said that those vaccinated can travel with precautions again, although if they arrive from abroad they must present a negative test. Worldwide, the pandemic took more than 2.8 million lives and infected about 129 million people.

Covid-19 patients in a Quito hospital

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