Last photo on the Corona station: Mother (76) and daughter (49) say goodbye – News abroad

This is the last photo a daughter and her mother took together – in the intensive care unit. 24 hours later, one of the two women was dead.

Anabel Sharma (49) from Leicestershire (Great Britain) called on corona deniers and rule ignoramuses in a Facebook message to take the warnings and restrictions seriously. Her own story proves how merciless the corona virus can strike. The woman from Leicester in Great Britain lost her mother Maria (76) a few weeks ago – both had fought Covid-19 for days in the intensive care unit.

Sharma writes: “The friendly intensive care team made it possible for our beds to be placed side by side. So I could be with her until the end. I could talk to her, hold her hand. They also organized that my sister could visit us. Because I was feeling far too bad, I could only watch mother’s funeral in a live stream. I was there alone, as was my family. We couldn’t comfort one another. It broke my already badly ailing heart. “

Sharma and Mother Mary were both admitted to the Royal Infirmary in Leicester in October. How the two contracted the virus could be traced. When son Isaac (12) returned to school in September after the summer vacation for classroom classes, he became infected there, Sharma told the “Mirror”. Anabel herself, her husband Bharat (47) and their sons Jacob (22) and Noah (10) quickly became infected – Grandma Maria was the last family member to test positive. But while none of the male family members showed symptoms at all, Anabel and her mother quickly became seriously ill.

A picture from happy days: Anabel (left) and her mother

A picture from happy days: Anabel (left) and her motherPhoto: Anabel Sharma

She writes: “When mother and I were taken to the emergency room, there was no free bed. Only after four patients died was there room for us. The treatment of Covid is terrible. I had to wear a plastic hood for 24 hours a day for a month that forced oxygen into my lungs. It feels like sticking your head out of the car window at 50 km / h. It’s loud, I couldn’t see anything, hear nothing. I was fed through an opening in the side of the helmet. Just imagine: 24 a day, seven days a week, for four weeks! I asked every day if I was going to die. “

Anabel survived, but her mother did not.

Now she wants to wake up with her story. Write: “What you read about Corona and the need in intensive care units is true. It’s not like the flu. You can survive Corona, but people who don’t perish from it will never be the same again. ”Anabel Sharma herself will have to live with lungs damaged by the virus for the rest of her life.

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