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“Last Christmas” for Donald Trump – US President on the brink of collapse

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Bitter defeat for Donald Trump: The election in Wisconsin was legal. This was confirmed by a court. But the outgoing US president continues to deny the reality.

  • Donald Trump loses the next process after the US election 2020 – diesmal in Wisconsin.
  • The dismissed lawsuit is just one of many defeats for the elected US president.
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Wisconsin / Washington DC – It is completely hopeless, but he does not want to stop his fight against alleged election fraud: Donald Trump lost the next lawsuit after the presidential election. A federal appeals court refused to overturn a decision that dismissed a lawsuit by Trump. The aim of the presidential lawsuit: Wisconsin state electorates should take him Joe Biden declare the election winner.

Wisconsin won 0.7 percentage points in November – a decisive victory that helped secure the Democrats entry into the White House. Also brought a recount Donald Trump not another voice.

2020 US election in Wisconsin: Donald Trump loses the next trial at Christmas

A panel of three judges – all appointed by US Republican presidents – dismissed the lawsuit Donald Trump had filed against the election result in Wisconsin. The judges unanimously ruled that the election in the state had been conducted correctly and that Trump had waited too long to lodge a complaint against the rejected trial.

“We acknowledge that Wisconsin has lawfully appointed its electorate in the manner required by law, and add that the lawsuit of the President also fails because of the unreasonable delay that went along with the disputes, ”the statement said.

Donald Trump’s lawsuits: hopeless acts of desperation

Only a few weeks ago the Supreme Court had rejected an application for an injunction with the Donald Trump and his supporters wanted to tip the Pennsylvania election result in Trump’s favor. In addition, the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by the state of Texas against the election results in the four states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Texas Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton, had brought the lawsuit, supported by heads of department from other states and Republican MPs from the House of Representatives, in order to win Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on his fellow party member Donald Trump and to tip Vice President Mike Pence.

After the 2020 US election: Donald Trump has been denying reality for weeks

Despite the never-ending legal defeats, the outgoing US president continues to deny the reality, which is unbearable for him. “The Supreme Court of the USA was completely incompetent and weak in relation to the massive electoral fraud that took place in the 2020 presidential election. We have absolute EVIDENCE but they don’t want to see it, ”wrote Donald Trump on twitter. “If we have corrupt elections, we have no country!”

Meanwhile the victory Joe Bidens officially endorsed by the electorate in the states: 306 votes to 232 for the Democrat.

Announced in a video posted on Facebook and Twitter Donald Trump claimed he would pursue every “legal and constitutional option to stop election stealing”. In the meantime, however, he has practically exhausted the legal process. When the results of the election on January 6th were read out in Congress, his allies could still initiate a disruptive maneuver, but according to experts this would also be a hopeless step. (Tim Vincent Dicke with dpa)

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