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Lasso introduces the prime ministers of his cabinet

The president-elect, Guillermo Lasso, announced today the first names that will make up his team of Ministers of the Social Front for the period 2021-2025, who will be inaugurated on May 24 and will participate in the meetings of the transition process.

Juan Carlos Holguín, Iván Correa, Heinz Moeller Gilbert and Aparicio Caicedo were part of his change of government team.

In the first list of Lasso’s team, women predominate. In fact, Holguín said on Twitter that “Women must be in decision-making positions.”

The social sector cabinet is made up of:

  • Ministry of Inclusion (MIES): Will be in front Mae Montaño. “His resume is widely recognized (…) He will serve those who are in extreme poverty”said Lasso from Quito.
  • Ministry of Education: Corresponds to Mary Brown. “He has experience to achieve the equator of the meeting (…) We are going to reopen the rural schools that were closed in the previous government”.
  • Ministry of Health: The doctor will be there Ximena Garzon. “He has leadership and preparation that has a PhD and extensive studies in epidemiology (…) We will face the challenge of vaccinating 9 million Ecuadorians in the first 100 days of government.”
  • Ministry of Culture and Heritage: Corresponds Maria Elena Machuca. ”We want artists to be better recognized and rewarded (…) We have to promote Ecuadorian art abroad”.
  • Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Miduvi): The engineer will assume Dario Herrera. “Ecuadorians need their own home (…) We are going to build 200,000 rural homes”.
  • Secretary of Higher Education (Senescyt): Will be responsible Alejandro Ribadeneira Espinoza. “It will promote the reform of the Higher Education Law that seeks the autonomy of Ecuador’s universities and cease to be controlled by the bureaucracy.”
  • Human Rights Secretariat: The doctor will be there Bernarda Ordoñez. “Gender violence is unacceptable in all its forms (…) it must be a relentless fight.”
  • Sports Secretariat: It will be called the Ministry of Sports and will be in charge Sebastian Palacios. “Sport is the best meeting place in society and the sharing of values ​​(…) We will implement policies to improve social cohesion”Lasso contributed.


LIVE: Presentation of Ministers of the Social Front

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Posted by Metro Ecuador on Monday, April 26, 2021

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