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LARGE-SCALE fire brigade – the bus depot in Stuttgart is on fire

Suttgart – On Thursday evening there was a fire in the bus depot of the Stuttgart transport operator SSB. As “SWR aktuell” reports, several vehicles are on fire. The fire brigade is currently deployed with a large number of vehicles.

According to the Stuttgart fire brigade, several vehicles are burning in a shelter at the bus depot in Stuttgart-Ost. More precise information on the source of the fire or the cause of the fire cannot yet be given. Explosion noises that can be heard in the urban area would come from bursting tires.

There are currently three fire engines and several special vehicles in use. Around 150 emergency services, including those from the professional fire brigade and the Stuttgart volunteer fire brigade, are on duty. The extinguishing work will take several hours. According to the current status, there are no injuries.

The Ministry of the Interior warns residents via the NINA-Warnapp. You should avoid the area, keep doors and windows closed.

In photos of residents, a large column of smoke can be seen over the east of Stuttgart, a helicopter circled over the city area.

The cause of the fire could be a defective electric bus. According to assessments by the police and fire brigade, this is still unclear, reports the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”.

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