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LaLiga, the best soccer tournament in the world, comes to ESPN +

Bayern Munich have just won their ninth consecutive league title in Germany. In England Manchester City has already won it for the third time in four years with an undeniable superiority, little less than the same with which Inter Milan has ended nine seasons of overwhelming Juventus dominance.

France is also heading, surprisingly, for a change of command with Lille on the verge of breaking the wild hegemony of PSG … But it is in Spain where the trophy insists on being resolved on the last straight of the race.

LaLiga It is heading to an exciting tournament finale confirming its dominant role among the big tournaments in Europe, where any lesser team is capable of standing up and causing a dislike to the favorites. And where you can see week after week the best footballer in history, a Leo Messi who is about to turn 34 years old and has maintained wild statistics and outstanding performance with Barcelona for more than a decade.

The Barça team, which under the direction of Pep Guardiola He put the League on stage a decade ago with excellent football and undeniable dominance, he has a great part of responsibility for the greatness and popularity that the Spanish tournament enjoys. He was later accompanied in this growth by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid, after the controversial period of Mourinho and that with Carlo Ancelotti first and Zinedine Zidane then they put the meringues on top … And without forgetting Atlético del Cholo Simeone, capable of winning a title on the last day and at the Camp Nou itself.

They, the three of them, are the true engines of a championship that has broken molds and has been able to rival the popularity of the ever-powerful Premier League. But they have not been, nor are, Barça, Real and Atlético de Madrid the only ones responsible for the LaLiga being seen today as a tournament of the first magnitude.

They are not because facing Cádiz does not suppose Barça or Madrid the security of adding an easy victory, but rather being cornered by the intensity and daring of a small team with an excellent personality. As are Levante or Alavés, both capable of winning in the merengue field or of rebelling against a 0-2 against the Catalans to question their league aspirations. Like the always fighter Athletic, the grown Villarreal or that Real Sociedad in continuous evolution. All this without having to put on the plane that Seville capable of rivaling those who are no longer untouchable …

Sitting in front of the television to watch a League match offers the security of attending a duel with an uncertain outcome and seeing two teams that, with few exceptions, play three fundamental points in their objectives, either due to the success of entering in Europe or to avoid a decline equally fought to exhaustion.

Spain, its elite football, is enjoying a golden age. Their clubs have survived the pandemic with sobriety and while they await the return of the fans to the stadiums they offer them a League on until the last day. Guaranteed success for any viewer. And you can watch it on ESPN!

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