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#LadyCubrebocasMetepec: they take her off the truck for not wearing a mask in Metepec, Edomex

The video went viral on social networks. Photo: Screenshot / File

In social networks every so often a person who causes controversy appears; now #LadyCubrebocasMetepec made his presentation on the internet: as he did not carry the mask in a public transport truck, it was displayed.

In the video, the young woman #LadyCubrebocasMetepec He wore a yellow jacket, a hat of the same color, and camouflage pants; It was captured without wearing the mask by a health worker.

After being discovered without him mask, a woman started recording her, so she reacted in the same way; then the discussion between the two began to rise in tone.

“I work in a hospital, ma’am, and you don’t know everything there is… get off; sir, please stand up. “

After the exchange of words, #LadyCubrebocasMetepec reacted violently, got up and confronted the alleged health worker, began with pushing and some pulling.

  • The various passengers intervened to separate the women; later, #LadyCubrebocasMetepec she was taken off the truck for not wearing the mask.

In the small altercation, the cell phone of the health worker fell, and it could be observed when the women argued, in addition to the entrance of the other passengers to separate the attack of the young woman without a mask who reiterated the phrase “It’s worth it.”

Last December, another woman without a mask also rose to fame: the woman was at an ATM, but she did not heed the call from the authorities to wear a mask.

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