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Lady Cubrebocas Metepec insults a health worker

A woman who was traveling in a public transport unit in the State of Mexico was baptized as Lady Metepec Mouth Cover, because he insulted a worker in the health sector.

The unfortunate events were captured on video, so they were disseminated on social networks and caused the outrage of thousands of netizens.

As is known, currently people must wear face masks in public spaces to protect ourselves and those around us from contagion of coronavirus COVID-19.

Unfortunately not all people are willing to abide by the measure recommended by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO); such is the case of Lady Metepec Mouth Cover.

What does the video starring Lady Cubrebocas Metepec show?

The recording shows how the aggressor, who was dressed in a yellow hat and jacket, defended herself by refusing to wear a mask.

The hospital worker reproached her for her irresponsibility and confronted her by telling her that she sees closely the pain of families affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“I work in a hospital, ma’am. And you do not know everything there is (…) You do not know how there are people who are suffering because of your recklessness (…) What you do with your life does not matter (…) What recklessness is ”, the citizen sentenced.

Before harsh words Lady Metepec Mouth Cover He refused to acknowledge his mistake and only limited himself to responding with insults to the health worker:

“Do what you want, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m going to upload it to the networks. Okay, okay, okay, stupid. Okay, stupid, Okay, stupid. Fucking bitch, eye ”.

From one moment to another, the women began to physically attack each other, for which a user of public transport claimed his attitude to Lady Metepec Mouth Cover: “Hey, what happened, ma’am? Did you see what it causes, ma’am?” Please put it down. “

With information from Jorge Becerril

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