Lack of control in the New Year: without masks or social distance, thousands of young people celebrated in parks and squares of CABA

This is how the New Year celebrations were in Parque Saavedra

As in the early morning hours of December 25, the first hours of 2021 showed the same postcard that will surely have worried the health authorities in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic: thousands of young people in different parks, squares and streets of the City of Buenos Aires reunited without any kind of control to celebrate the New Year. In all the scenarios of the Capital the constant was the lack of masks and social distancing.

Hundreds of groups of teens and young adults were observed to hang out with bottles of alcohol, refrigerators and loud music played through portable speakers. Many were installed just after midnight and stayed until sunrise.

Places like Chacabuco Park or Saavedra Park they were chosen by the boys to receive the new year. Although they are points of the City with great space that allow relatively safe outdoor meetings, the basic measures recommended by the authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus were not followed.

That was why at some point in the morning, members of the City Police called with megaphones that young people maintain social distancing. In addition, Buenos Aires government control agents toured the area to inspect how the morning was passing. However, there was no case and the young people were close to each other, ignoring the health recommendations. Apparently the presence of the authorities did not have the desired effect on those who attended the squares.

In the different television channels, the reports to young people in the squares reflected the lack of awareness of many of them regarding COVID-19. Some minimized the effects of the disease and even the quarantine. To argue their positions, they compared the situation in Argentina with countries like Uruguay, where the number of cases is less and the restrictions on circulation were not as severe as in our country. Others, however, maintained that they only met with the same people as always. A kind of bubble in which they do not allow the presence of strangers.

With dawn another regrettable image was also seen. The parks and squares, once the festivities were over, were full of bottles and garbage of all kinds. Even despite the fact that in some cases the young people themselves took their waste. That’s why City cleaners started working early to try to prevent paths and lawns from remaining littered with cardboard, papers, and cans.

Massive gatherings of young people in Parque Chacabuco for the New Year

The city of Buenos Aires was not the only place in which there was lack of control and overflow in public places. The beaches of the seaside resort of Saint Bernard, on the Atlantic Coast, were full of young people and adults throughout the morning. The viralized images showed improvised parties meters from the sea and with loud music coming from cars parked meters from the place. Mar del Plata, for its part, woke up with the same image: hundreds of young people in the streets and on the city’s beaches were crowded with people without social distancing and many without masks.

The overflow for the New Year occurred despite the president’s statements Alberto Fernandez, who said yesterday in a report that he evaluates instructing the security forces to “dispel people and prevent crowds.” This from what happened at Christmas and without seeing yet what would happen hours later.

If we see that the situation does not ease and the relaxation continues, we will see how the security forces begin to act in the street to dispel people and prevent crowds, assured the head of state in dialogue with Radio 10.

Given the acceleration of the contagion curve, the president met on Wednesday with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Axel Kicillof. As he assured, he wanted to know first-hand what is happening in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in the province of Buenos Aires, where in the last week of December the number of infections returned to high levels.

I wanted to have a meeting with Axel and Horacio so that we can review together and see what we do for the future. We made the decision to meet again next week. Follow up, let the 31st pass and recommend to everyone that the problem is not over”, He raised.

And I add: “We also have the problem of the Coast with tourism, Mar del Plata is not having a good time; We are going to let the end of the year pass and we are going to look with a magnifying glass how we solve this”.

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