Lack of control in a square in Córdoba by the Three Wise Men – Radioinforme 3

In dialogue with Chain 3Aldo Ortega, president of the neighborhood center, expressed that they did not expect the attendance of so many people to the event.

“It overflowed a bit, we did not expect so many people. The square was recently remodeled and it summons itself, there are always many people,” he explained.

To this is added the artisan fair that is organized in the place, which was authorized by the municipality to guarantee the work of the fairgrounds. “We have asked for it to be regularized,” he said regarding the number of people he summons.

Regarding the little use of the chinstrap that was seen in the place, he said: “That does not correspond to us, it is personal care.”

“The distancing is uncontrollable. When there are many children, it is difficult to ask them to keep their distance,” he said, adding that it is the parents who should control them.

Report by Juan Pablo Viola

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