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Lack of control at a clandestine party in Claromecó: 15 policemen were stoned | Chronicle

Some 150 young people who participated in a clandestine party last Saturday in a Claromecó spa, in Tres Arroyos, attacked the police who came to the property to dismantle the event through blows and stones.

The videos of what looked like a field screen went viral through social networks. The troops intervened from a call to 91 at 6.30, when the music was still playing.

Four officers arrived on two mobiles and tried to verbally persuade the youths, who, far from calming down, seemed to become more angry.

According to sources, officer Gustavo Garmendia was hit by one of the projectiles and had to receive medical assistance for a kidney wound.

Although a total of 15 armed agents arrived at the scene, the attendees did nothing but confront them when they wanted to dissuade them, and even insulted them in the face.

“What do you look like, crazy?” One of those present shouted at the officers as he threw a projectile at him.

This is how one of the officers’ mobiles remained.

Despite the number of people there, only two were delayed. Quimey Duvancel, a 20-year-old from Tres Arroyos, and a 17-year-old minor residing in the same city.

According to the spokesmen, both were charged with the crimes of aggravated damage, minor injuries and resistance to authority, although in the case of the minor it was reported that he was handed over to his parents in custody, at the disposal of the juvenile prosecutor Marina Vizolinni.

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