La Paz, shocked by the discovery of a girl kidnapped 10 years ago

It happened in 2011, but there is hardly any peace that does not remember that little girl “extremely pretty and cheerful” that disappeared one winter day and with only 14 aos. Some admit to having believed that I was already dead. Others had not lost hope. And finally in the last hours a truth with edges of drama and miracle was known: Aldana Celeste Orozco Maturano -Now he is 24 years old- lives, and is believed to have been abducted by a trafficking network that he exploited her sexually in Buenos Aires.

The girl was rescued and is under the care of a team of doctors and psychologists. As if this were not enough, in La Paz the Federal shelf and Gendarmera raided the house where the young woman’s mother and stepfather live and they were taken prisoner, while investigating whether they had any involvement in what happened. Can’t imagine scenario anymore shocking for a locality that has less than 15,000 inhabitants.

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