La Matanza: a 3-year-old boy was murdered by a bullet in the chest during an alleged reckoning

Benjamín Iñigo, 3 years old,
Benjamín Iñigo, 3 years old,

A 3-year-old boy was killed by a bullet in the chest at the door of his house in the Buenos Aires town of González Catán. At this time, investigators suspect that the crime it was a settling of accounts against the minor’s uncle.

The incident occurred around midnight yesterday in a house located at 4900 Larraya Street, when two men got out of a Ford Focus and, under circumstances that are still being investigated, began to shoot at the house where he was. Benjamin Iñigo, 3 years old, with his mother, grandmother and uncle, Cristián Iñigo, 20 years old.

At that moment, according to the first information, one of those shots hit Benjamin in the chest, who was at the door of the home. After the shooting, the suspects escaped aboard the car.

Immediately, the minor’s family members called 911 and Benjamín was rushed to the Figueroa Paredes Clinic, where he died as a result of the gunshot wound. For her part, the child’s grandmother, Josefa Monserrat, 61, was also assisted by a shot in one of the legs and is out of danger.

In the case, the prosecutor intervened Federico Medone, of the UFI Thematic Homicide of La Matanza, who ordered a series of expert reports on the scene by the Scientific Police and interviewed witnesses. According to the first results, in the neighborhood of the Iñigo family’s house three pods served long 22 gauge were seized.

In addition, the investigators pointed out that they found contradictions in the account of the minor’s uncle, since at first he had reported that the shots started after an attempted robbery against a neighbor, but then he was dismissed. Then the prosecutor Medone told him to tell what happened.

The claim of the family after the crime of Benjamin.
The claim of the family after the crime of Benjamin.

There he related that last Thursday the 24th he had an interdict with three young people who passed by on a motorcycle when he was with some friends having a drink on the sidewalk, before Christmas.

In his account, Iñigo pointed out that he was able to recognize two of the occupants of the motorcycle -one of them a minor adolescent-, who after crossing some insults, fired several shots into the air to intimidate him.

The young man assured that he heard that “this was not going to be like this ” and that the aggressors “They would return for revenge”. During these hours, the police are carrying out different investigation tasks in the neighborhood to arrest the alleged perpetrators, since it is suspected that they would be from that place.

The prosecutor Medone described the file as “homicide” and ordered the analysis of the security cameras.

3 years old a whole life ahead … Your departure hurts so much my love … Justice for Benja !!“, wrote Laura Iñigo, minor’s relative, on Facebook, along with the announcement of a March That will be done this afternoon, starting at 5:00 p.m., in the block where the baby was killed, to demand justice for Benjamin’s crime.

In that same social network, Benjamin’s relatives They posted photos of the alleged killers of the child: “both are identified and had stolen the gray Ford Focus about 12 blocks from the place of the crime, at the intersection of Ortega and Besares, Laferrere, along with two other accomplices and when they were driving a gray Fiat Uno”, they assured.

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