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‘La Diabla’ falls, he sold firearms on social networks

The woman who called herself "La Diabla".  Photo: Carlos Jiménez

The woman called herself “La Diabla”. Photo: Carlos Jiménez


Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) detained a woman and a minor in possession of firearms, useful cartridges and possible drug, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

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The officers were conducting a security tour on Palmitas Avenue, in the Santa María Aztahuacán neighborhood, when they observed two people whose physical characteristics corresponded to those of a woman who possibly sold firearms, through Facebook and a WhatsApp group named “Armed Force”.

The suspect, who called herself “La Diabla”, was carrying a purple suitcase and acted unusual, who was accompanied by a teenager.

Faced with this behavior, the SSC officers stopped him and after an interview, he fell into contradictions, so a preventive review was carried out.

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The foregoing resulted in the seizure of 60 sachets that apparently contained marijuana, three fragmentation grenades, around 50 useful cartridges in plastic bags, 10 boxes with 50 useful cartridges each, 14 pen-type firearms, one weapon of Coeta fire and about 250 grams of probable gunpowder.

For this reason, the uniformed officers detained the 33-year-old woman and the 13-year-old minor, who were presented to the corresponding Public Ministry agent who will determine their legal status.

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