Kylie Jenner has the perfect remedy for those days when you don’t feel so motivated to wear your leggings favorites and go exercise. The American businesswoman She turns to her training partners (which is the same saying her friends) to stay constant in the construction of her figure with personalized sessions of Pilates in a studio in Los Angeles.

Kylie Jenner’s makeup tricks aren’t the only secrets the youngest child has clan Kardashian-Jenner, it is also the exercises that he performs to tone glutes and legs. Through his Instagram account he shared a brief look at one of the most effective movements to mark these muscles, next to his inseparable Hailey Baldwin.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics She is not the only celebrity who chooses to keep active with Pilates routines, Eiza Gonzalez is another of the actresses of the moment who choose to do it this way because they are ideal to complement cardio routines if you have little time. Both go to the same study that has reformer beds, which is ideal to notice results faster.

What is the exercise that Kylie Jenner does?

The exercise to tone your glutes and legs that you shared Kylie Jenner is a side kick. To do it you must lie on your right side with the legs one on top of the other. The arm on the same side is fully stretched to serve as a pillow so that you can position your head to avoid generating tension in the neck. The left hand serves as a support and goes directly in front of the abdomen.

Once there, the tv personality Take an inhale and raise your left leg facing the ceiling up, at hip level. Stretch your leg forward with pointed foot, while contracting abdomen, buttocks and legs, and return to alternate the same movement, but doing push-ups with the knee. This although it can be done the same from a yoga mat, Kylie Jenner He does it from this bed with a spring and pulley system, a creation of Joseph Pilates, to increase the challenge and tone in less time.

Kylie Jenner train in the studio Pilates, created by Liana Levi in ​​Los Angeles. From his website he offers online classes open to all audiences, however, as it is a method that has become very popular, you can also find many other alternatives if you are interested in trying it. What this method allows is that through slow movements and leisurely be very precise to work specific muscle groups to strengthen and lengthen them.

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