BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman thinks of Valladolid. And then he will do it in the El Clásico and further on he will do it in the Cup final. The match by match that Diego Simeone once put into vogue has become the mantra repeated by the Barcelona coach, determined to keep all five senses. in football and not be affected by aspects outside the game. He revealed, confirmed, this Sunday his meeting with Laporta and was happy for the confidence that the president has in him … But from there little or nothing more.

Neither Haaland, nor market, nor losses, nor promotions of the subsidiary. Not even Messi’s future keeps Koeman a priority when it comes to the decisive moment of the season.

“Game by game … Now we have to be focused on the games we have, starting with Valladolid and not thinking about the next one, from the start. There are ten games left and we have to go out with the best team, always,” said the coach. , warning that, for this reason, he is not particularly willing to give Messi and De Jong rest thinking about the Classic despite being both warned of sanction.

“It is a risk that we know, and they know, that it is there but it is not the time to rest either for cards or for the freshness of a player; you have to put the best team that I think to beat Valladolid,” he said, sentencing that Despite the losses that the Pucelano team will arrive with, “it will not be easy.”

“We know that they have had problems due to injuries and Covid but we also expect a difficult game … We must stay in our rhythm and continue with what we have done lately,” Koeman resolved, noting that after the break “the players have returned with great encouragement “.

Without clarifying if he will have Piqué and Sergi Roberto, the Barça coach warned that in no case “we are going to risk. They are training with the team and tomorrow we will decide, but we will not risk with them, not because of next week’s game but because there are more games and they are important “, not going to assess the doubt that exists around the recovery of the central defender.

“I’m not talking about players that are not ours,” Koeman cut when asked about the meeting between Laporta and Haaland’s representative, explaining that the possibility of making an important transfer during the market “I don’t know if it’s possible … The decision in the end it will be the president’s because I am not involved in the financial situation of the club and I must be focused on the team. “

In this regard, he also made clear his intention not to speak, yet, with the players who might not enter his plans next season “because we will try to maintain calm until the end of the season and we must avoid things that could negatively affect them. talk we will do it at the end of the season “.

The continuity of Messi, always on stage, “is a very important matter, of course, because the club tries to do the maximum so that he stays for more years, but now we have to play tomorrow’s game and put our thoughts there. things for the future are a matter for the president and his people and it is normal for us to talk about that, but as a coach, I must be aware of the games “.

He only left a gap to confirm his meeting with Laporta, in which, he revealed, the president and board of directors “have given me a lot of confidence and are happy. It is normal after the changes we have made because we are one game away from winning the Copa del King and we have improved … but we have to keep winning. As the president said the day his position was official, confidence is there, “he said.

“Now we all work to improve the team knowing the economic situation of the club due to the Covid issue as it happens to other clubs. The club has shown me from day one that they want to improve the situation and the issue of transfers will depend on the situation what we have, “Koeman admitted, warning that from then on” I will not respond to the names that appear in the press because what matters most are the last ten days of the League and the Cup final. “

Such is the case, that showing “happy” for the renewal of Collado did not want to give any clue about whether he will have him in the future. “This is one more issue for next season. Collado is an important player, like others in the reserve team, and now his team is playing a playoff to go up and we want to help the coach, that’s why we left Ilaix. It is important for the club and for the projection of the players “, he resolved without giving more clues.