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Koeman encourages Barcelona: “If we win the five games that we have left, we will be champions”

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman quickly turned the page from the defeat conceded on Thursday against Granada and recovered his spirits and ambition for the final league rush that will begin this Sunday in Valencia. “If we win the five games that we have left we will be champions,” the Dutch coach resolved, fixedly, highlighting that the Mestalla game “is fundamental”, he warned that “Atlético, Real Madrid and Sevilla are in the same situation of not being able to fail”.

“After a defeat you have to win, we know it,” he resolved, hoping for a clear match in Valencia: “It will be difficult, we will have possession and we will have to be focused back and be effective … It is a crucial game.”

“It must be recognized that this is a very strong championship and that there are very good teams and it is shown that at this point there are up to four teams fighting for the League,” Koeman stressed, noting that mistakes are expensive for any circumstance : “If you are not well, because you have more injuries due to the number of games, you pay dearly. There are times when you lose points for not being well.

“We were very disappointed, of course,” acknowledged the coach when referring to the defeat against Granada. “We lost a very big opportunity but that shows that there are no easy games and that you always have to be at your level … And there is no time to be sad because we continue to fight with those above; We have analyzed things and the team is prepared ”, he stressed, rejecting any difference with his players.

“I don’t know why you ask me that,” he replied dryly, when asked about a certain disappointment by his players with his decisions, explaining, then, that “I am a coach who when things change and the system always talk to the captains. We have an open dialogue, I ask how they think and in the end, of course, I decide. “Thus, he acknowledged that after Thursday’s game” we talked about how we could lose the game and that’s it. Look no further. We all want the best for this club and we don’t get nervous. “

“If we had scored a second goal, surely we would not have lost … There is danger when you think that you are much superior but you do not have the necessary effectiveness because when you look you see that the percentage of possession was very high and that the two goals that were scored were for lack of concentration ”, he argued about the match against Granada, rejecting that the scheme had an impact:“ It was not because of a lack of players behind, but because of how to put the body or avoid a pass. We have talked about occupying the positions better in defense and knowing how to defend better “.

“I disagree on the physical issue because physically the team is fine,” Koeman clarified when asked about a dreaded downturn in the second half. “There are examples that in the second half we are better, like in Madrid, when we could draw” , he recalled, emphasizing the weight of the players with more experience.

“We have very experienced people who have to help in times of pressure, players who help young people because there are four or five who are in their first year and this is an experience they need to play and improve in this regard,” he clarified, agreeing that as a coach “I am always responsible when setting up the team, when you make changes and also in the game but nothing else. No need to review it again”.

On the two-game sanction he received after being sent off against Granada, Koeman was ironic after confirming that “we are going to appeal because we do not agree.” Thus, he pointed out that “it is a very exaggerated sanction because if for saying ‘what a character’ they give you two games … If you really insult they would give you twenty”.

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