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Knowledge gap pandemic – every fourth child has knowledge gaps *

The last school year was a great challenge for countless families. Unfortunately, the long-awaited normality is still a long time coming and the prospect of a fourth wave of pandemics is a headache for many parents: Will my child be able to keep up with the class? How big are the knowledge gaps and does my child still enjoy learning at all?

Has during the final school year Easy-Tutor Thousands of families have already been supported with online tutoring and thus relieved their everyday family life – now Easy-Tutor and Wacom would like to support you with the tutoring package!

Do not wait for the interim report, act immediately!

More than a quarter of children and adolescents between 10 and 16 years of age in Germany have the feeling that they have major learning deficits as a result of the corona pandemic – according to a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy (July 2021).

But the grace period is over. Students are expected to easily keep up in class. However, knowledge gaps and learning deficits are unfortunately no exception – the consequences of the last school year are already noticeable. Individual care that many children would need is hardly possible. Many families feel again that they are on their own!
Are you also desperately looking for school support? Then the tutoring package – with individual and flexible support in 20 subjects as well as a digital board for intuitive learning at home – is just right for you!

Because your child is unique!

Unlike many other providers in the field of online tuition, Easy-Tutor has existed for years and can look back on extensive experience – this means that the online tuition in the tutoring package offers an all-round solution for the whole family that has been tried and tested for years. Every child is unique: The learning needs, the extracurricular obligations and also the character of each child require just as individual tutoring!

the over 1000 tutors are not only checked for their technical competence, but are also trained. While your child cannot simply choose or change the teacher at school, this tutoring enables exactly that: families can choose the tutor themselves and easily change if they wish. The success of the tutoring depends largely on the chemistry between teacher and student. In particular, shy children who, for example, do not dare to answer questions during school lessons, are now looked after intensively. Individual and tailor-made support come first!

Handwritten writing vs. digitization: We combine both

Despite digitization, handwritten writing is extremely important. After all, handwritten writing not only promotes concentration, but also contributes to increased retention of information and a more efficient way of working. The tutoring package combines the advantages of digital learning with Easy-Tutor and handwritten writing with the help of Wacom. With the intuitively usable Stifttablett One by Wacom students can actively participate in online tutoring. This also covers this plus point of classic school lessons with the follow-up package – a joint educational initiative by Easy-Tutor and Wacom.

The pen tablet also enables a varied and interactive design of the tutoring. In this way, your child learns more attentively, which in turn influences the learning success. Tutors and students can write, draw and be creative together – they work on a digital board in real time. With the tutoring package from Wacom and Easy-Tutor, learning becomes an experience!

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