Parodist Alexander Matveev said that the father of the pop king of the national stage Philip Kirkorov, 88-year-old Bedros, is in the hospital. At the same time, he assured that nothing threatens his health.

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“Bedros has been in the hospital for the second week. But there is no reason for concern – he just went to the next examination, well, heal a little. Still, the age is serious and you need to take care of your condition. “

Alexander Matveev

As noted by Matveev, Bedros Kirkorov in recent years carefully monitors his health. It is located in the center named after Vishnevsky. No one is allowed to enter the clinic because of the quarantine. Even a son and wife cannot get to the artist. According to Matveyev, he calls Bedros Kirkorov almost on a daily basis. The musician undergoes procedures, communicates with nurses and watches the “Mask” show, where his son is a traitor to the jury. Matveev assured that Bedros in the clinic has become the soul of the company, to which people are drawn, according to the portal.

Recall that Bedros Kirkorov had previously suffered a coronavirus. At one time he was even in intensive care. Fortunately, everything worked out and he quickly returned home to his family.

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