Killed on New Years Eve and in the corner of your home

A neighbor of the Amalia Solórzano 2 neighborhood did not arrive until 2021: minutes before midnight on Thursday, December 31, he was killed.

The deceased today was drunk and when he was walking around the corner of his house, on Calle 8 and 47 of the aforementioned neighborhood, belonging to the metropolitan municipality of Kanasín, a young man approached him and attacked him with a sharp weapon.

Bled out

Badly injured, he fell to the ground and died lying on the pavement in the middle of a pool of blood.

Amid the tears, relatives of the victim could not believe what happened.

Crime in Amalia Solórzano: they kill him on the corner of his house
The last crime of 2020 was registered in the Amalia Solórzano 2 neighborhood (Photo by Megamedia)

Due to the shock, the widow suffered a nervous breakdown and required to be transferred to a hospital.

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Elements of the Ministry of Public Security and the Municipal Police of Kanasín coordinated to cordon off the crime zone, so that personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office could carry out the corresponding procedures.

The body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for the legal autopsy and formalities.


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