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KILLED IN THE BEDROOM – double murder on horse farm

It was late Saturday evening last week when shots tore the silence at the idyllic riding stables in Bad Salzuflen (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Peter S. († 63) was shot with a pistol while he slept in his bed. Then his mother Ingried S. († 84) died from pistol bullets. She was killed in her bedroom.

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A little later, Harald S. (58) was arrested in his apartment in the courtyard without resistance. He had informed a friend. He is the brother and son of the victims. He is said to have killed both of them.

Harald S. is now in custody for murder (of his brother) and manslaughter (of his mother) and is silent. The prosecutor regards the shots at the sleeping brother as an insidious murder.

The murder weapon was found, where Harald S. got it is unclear. Why should he have killed mother and brother? Public prosecutor Alexander Görlitz from Detmold: “The motive will certainly be found in family disputes.”

One thing is certain: the idyll at the riding stables was deceptive! In the family of widow Ingried S., who ran a well-known farm café on the farm until the Corona crisis, it was not true.

On the one hand: Harald S., divorced father of six sons, who once had his own scaffolding company – and went bankrupt. Since then he lived on Hartz IV and moved in with his mother. To the spacious riding stables where trotting horses were successfully bred in the past.

Harald S. had big plans: He wanted to found a sect-like dropout camp for up to 60 people. The members should live freely, provide for themselves with organic farming, support one another and exist independently of society. There should be no obligation to wear clothes. And all of this should come from the mother’s land.

Harald S. did not lack bizarre ideas. But in money. But on the other hand, the elderly woman apparently did not think about supporting her son any further.

Lisa K. (29) and her friend Daniel S. (32) describe this to BILD am SONNTAG. The couple moved to the equestrian center at the beginning of 2020 and also housed their horses here. They say: “The relationship between mother and son was broken. She called him a good-for-nothing and a parasite, ridiculed his project as a pipe dream and nonsense. “

The disturbed relationship was troubling Harald. Lisa reports: “He freaked out for no apparent reason. I was afraid of him. ”And so one night the couple grabbed their horses and left the yard. Lisa: “We literally fled. And, as you can see now, that was a good thing. “

Perhaps this escape saved the young couple’s life.

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