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Killed in Nazi bunker – Bianca murder case – important piece of evidence found

Oranienburg – In the mysterious murder case of Bianca S. (26) mushroom pickers found an important piece of evidence: their handbag!

About 400 meters as the crow flies from the old Nazi bunker where the young mother’s body was discovered on July 19, the evidence appeared on Sunday in a wooded area on Grabowsee.

Bianca S. wore the rose-colored Fila handbag and the light-colored top with the inscription “Hakuna Matata” on the day she met her alleged murderer.

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On July 15, a surveillance camera filmed how Bianca S. pushed her bike over the S-Bahn platform in Oranienburg (Oberhavel). The bag was in the steering wheel basket. The 26-year-old was wearing the still missing T-shirt at the time. The murder weapon is still missing to this day.

Bianca’s ex-boyfriend Kurt L. (29) is considered an urgent suspect and has been in custody since July 27th. He denies killing the young mother.

The investigators’ evidence has so far not been sufficient to convict the suspect and bring him to justice.

With the discovery of the handbag, you may be a big step further. Because the killer could have left DNA here. The bag is now examined in this regard.

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