Keys to the role of Kamala Harris in the Central American migration crisis | Univision Immigration News

The appointment of the vice president Kamala Harris To lead the government’s efforts with both Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) on migration issues, it has become a key element in the public management of a crisis. And not only to find a solution in the short or medium term to a serious problem that does not give way, but on the contrary threatens to become an even bigger problem.

Meanwhile, in Central America the caravans continue to organize to begin the dangerous journey north to seek asylum in USA, a practice that originated in 2013 and that, despite the warnings, it continues to grow and governments are unable to reverse it.

Since the beginning of his government, the president Joe Biden He has referred to the immigration issue as one of the most serious problems of his government. And he has pointed out that it has two components that must be treated simultaneously to repair an inherited policy that it defines as deficient.

The first, the presence in the country of 11 million undocumented for those who ask for a path to citizenship through a immigration reform. The second, the migratory flow of those who leave their countries of origin in search of new opportunities in the United States, an issue that, according to Biden, will be resolved by attacking the causes that originate it.

Here Harris enters the scene of a crisis that the White House refuses to mention and in return continues to call it a “problem” knowing that in the short term it can mean a high political cost.

These with the keys to the role of the vice president in the search for a solution one of the most complex and delicate scenarios facing the Biden government.


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