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Keylor Navas shines with ten saves in PSG’s win over Bayern

The Costa Rican was superb and became a fortress stopping the multiple attempts of the current European champion

The PSG gave a chair of efficiency in the game this Wednesday against the Bayern Munich in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League in which they ended up taking the victory 2-3 as a visitor and now they caress the pass to the next stage.

With a superb performance by the Costa Rican Keylor Navas, the Parisians made it clear that they were going to be a rival of great opposition to the German giant who left hungry from the first play in which Lucas Hernández found space on the left, entered the area and took a shot at the post of the Costa Rican goalkeeper who He slapped her and sent her to the corner kick, making it very clear that she had already warmed up with just the opening whistle.

Who was not hot was the German Manuel Neuer because in the next play a counterattack from the French came, Neymar drove quickly and delivered a service to Kylian Mbappé and the young man fired a shot at the goalkeeper’s post, who reacted badly and the ball hit him in the body and went in the middle of his legs.

The PSG was hitting first in just two minutes into the game, the stage was ideal but the Bayern Munich began to control the ball more in the midfield with players like Joshua Kimmich who was very active working to go forward seeking to connect with Thomas muller as well as with the extremes Kingsley Coman and Leroy Sané.

At 9 ‘came a warning from the Germans in a play in which Muller threw with difficulties and the ball reached down to Keylor Navas who interposed the body and gave way to his squad. At 18 ‘came another attempt from Bayern with a header from Leon Goretzka in a play from the center to the area where the player took a shot in the middle of Navas’ legs and he cleared it with a kick to send the ball away and in the next play came another attempt where Benjamin Pavard He took a shot out of the area to the side and the Costa Rican lunged to his left to send danger away with his two hands.

While the Teutons were overtaking the Parisians, those led by Mauricio Pochettino were enduring the pressure when they encountered a corner kick play in which the Bayern cleared and the ball was left to Neymar who put her back into the heart of the area where Marquinhos received, who made a good reception and defined as a crack to increase the advantage.

Everything was looking good for him PSG but the scorer of the second goal had to ask for a change after suffering in his leg, instead Ander Herrera entered and had to cover his defense delaying Danilo.

At that moment, while the Portuguese player was adapting to the position, a cross from Muller came directly to the head of striker Eric Choupo-Moting who punished with a header with a goal stamp that marked the discount of the game and put the team in Hansi Flick back in the fight.

For the second half the dominance of the Germans continued to dominate, they were even more incisive in the attack and the PSG was dedicated to endure waiting for an opportunity to hurt as happened at 51 ‘when Neymar came hand in hand with Manuel Neuer but the decline of the world champion goalkeeper in 2014 was brilliant.

Then came two strong attempts by the locals when David Alaba launched a strong shot that Keylor controlled and then Benjamin Pavard had another, the side tried again but Navas controlled it.

The pressure was suffocating and it seemed that at any moment the tie was going to fall, until another aerial ball came near the penalty spot where it appeared. Thomas muller to change the direction of the ball with his head and Navas could not avoid seeing his goal violated.

With the tie, you could see a Bayern Munich much stronger than him PSG and with more than 30 minutes to go but the visitors again found a new play against and Kylian Mbappé he escaped to the left and despite having Jerome Boateng on top and David Alaba reaching to mark him he took a strong shot that left static Manuel Neuer, who only claimed his partner for allowing the French to finish off.

Although the current champions of the Champions League They continued to insist strongly, the Parisian defense closed ranks and sustained the result with which they left Germany with the victory and now everything will be decided next Tuesday in the Princes Park.

Although the advantage is minimal and the series is still open, the PSG has in its favor not only the triumph but the two away goals that can take value as a tiebreaker if it becomes necessary.

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