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Keylor Navas renews contract with PSG until 2024

The Tico has made it clear that he would like to retire with the Parisians and this extension of ligamen would almost ensure it

Very good news received the Costa Rican Keylor Navas this Monday when it was officially announced that the PSG He renewed his contract for one more year.

The Tico goalkeeper is guaranteed his presence in the Parisian team until 2024 after his first two seasons became a positive leader in the team of Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The club announced on official social networks the issue of the extension of the ligamen de Keylor Navas who feels totally comfortable with his sporting life in this team and both he and his family are pleased in the French capital.

The Tico’s previous contract expired in June 2023 but with this new signing, he will continue with the team until June 2024 when he is on his way to turning 38 years old. The goalkeeper has made it clear that the PSG It is the team with which he would like to end his career as a footballer and with this new professional bond, he could ensure it.

Keylor arrived at PSG on September 2, 2019 after spending five years in the Real Madrid and they immediately granted him the title on the 14th of that month against Racing de Strasbourg.

Since that, he became immovable in the arc of the French champion, he had the confidence of the coach Thomas Tuchel and nothing changed with the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino who was quickly convinced by his impressive saves in League 1 Y Champions League.

β€œHe quickly established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the Paris Saint Germain. Their performances have contributed notably to increase the European competitiveness of the club during the last two seasons ”, indicates the statement of the PSG.

To date he has played 72 games with the club, where it stands out that he kept his fence undefeated on 34 occasions and has won four important trophies such as the League 1 de France, the Coupe de France, the French League Cup and a French Super Cup.

One of the points in which the leaders of the PSG with Keylor Navas is that he took all his experience learned in Real Madrid to consolidate in France and give that security that the team needed in the European competition since its ceiling was the quarterfinals, but since Keylor took over the goal he has been in charge of being a defensive bulwark and the team reached a final of Champions League In the previous campaign and this one they are about to play the semifinals against Manchester City.

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