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Keylor Navas missed vs. City and puts its presence in check in the fifth Champions League final

The Costa Rican was hesitant for a large part of the game, he received two local goals and his fifth final of ‘La Orejona’ looks far away

The Costa Rican goalkeeper, Keylor Navas had a bad night at the Princes Park from France at the opening of the series between the Gallic squad and the Manchester City, the match ended 1 – 2 in favor of those led by Pep Guardiola.

From the beginning of the match, the Costa Rican had hesitant interventions and showing little security as he was previously accustomed to the French squad in this edition of the UEFA Champions League.

The Paris Saint Germain had an outstanding first half, guided by the figure of Neymar Jr., those led by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino dominated the match and did not reach the area of Keylor Navas with danger.

But the Costa Rican began to make the fans of the PSG When at 31 ‘of the first half he put a bad pass to the Italian Florenzi, he fell short, Foden appeared and fortunately for the Tico, he sent a bad cross that Mahrez could not head in a good way.

The PSG He went to the break with the satisfaction of having a positive result in the first 45 minutes, 1 – 0 with a score by Marquinhos at 15 ‘after the execution of a very outstanding corner kick by Argentine Ángel Di María.

However, in the second part, when everything seemed controlled by the PSG, because the Manchester City it got closer but did not generate danger, the most punctual error of the Costa Rican fell, Keylor Navas.

At 64 ‘Kevin De Bruyne crossed with a thread, and despite the fact that the shot was very well placed, no player from the PSG O City they touched the ball; Keylor Navas He waited to see if the defender, Stones, deflects it, but the central was far away, after that, the Costa Rican ran out of reaction time.

In less than ten minutes, the French team fell emotionally, and in a free kick execution at 71 ‘, Riyad Mahrez fired, the barrier opened and despite the fact that Keylor Navas stretched how long it is, couldn’t deflect the shot from the penthouse.

The PSG was closer to receiving the third goal than to tie the game, thus ending the match that was the first leg, on May 4 at the ETIHAD Stadium England will finish defining the series.

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