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Keylor Navas is filled with irony about the ‘formula’ he implemented to stop Messi’s penalty

The Costa Rican goalkeeper recalled his departure from Real Madrid, also delved into the preparation of PSG before facing Bayern Munich

The Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas stated that he is “very happy” in the París Saint Germain (PSG) for the treatment he receives and the relationship with the rest of the players, the coaches and the managers, and that he will stay as long as the club wants.

“I want to continue playing for a long time in the PSG because I feel good physically and mentally, “he said in an interview with the magazine France Football, and commented on some of the most outstanding episodes of the year and a half that he has been with the French capital team, and in particular the penalty that stopped Messi in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Barcelona on March 10.

“It was a very important moment because we were reaching the end of the first half and we had to try to prevent them from scoring to prevent them from believing in the possibility of qualifying,” he said.

The goalkeeper, who in France was then considered the great savior of the PSG in that match, he acknowledged that “stopping a penalty from a player like that is the maximum.”

Asked if he had prepared, his answer is full of irony: “If you know how to explain Lionel Messi’s game to me and you have the solution to stop it, send it to me by mail and I will transmit it to everyone. Take the penalties from the right, for the left, in the center. So I let myself be guided by what I was feeling at that moment and it worked. “

Regarding his departure from the Real Madrid In September 2019, Navas said it was “a complicated period” and that “there are times when you have to choose.”

He assured that the white club and its players always treated him well, just like the coach, Zinedine Zidane, “with whom we won everything.”

But also that “there are things that are not controlled”, about which he did not give details. In the end, he related, “I entrusted myself to God, who guided me towards a way out of the Real Madrid“.

Of the PSGHe highlighted its “family” character and indicated that what seduced him were the “golden” players that he has from both a football and human point of view, as well as the rest of those who work there, from the president to the technical staff.

He acknowledged that the presence of other Latinos gives the wardrobe of the PSG “a festive atmosphere”, but noted that the most important thing is that everyone understands each other well.

He explained that, like many of the players in the PSG They speak Spanish, Kylian Mbappé and others for whom it is not their language are learning it and teaching them to improve their vocabulary.

Regarding his next challenge in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, with the first leg on Wednesday, he said that they cannot allow any mistakes.

But at the same time, he is “convinced that with all” the “qualities” of his team, they have “the weapons to win.”

He was also diplomatic when asked who is the best goalkeeper now and, without naming names, said that there is “a group of five or six” who have “a very good level”.

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