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Kenny Omega, the best wrestler in the world who is seduced by WWE

Kenny Omega has become the most outstanding esthete in the world, thanks to his great performances in different brands of wrestling.

A few days ago, the athlete made history by becoming a three-time champion of the most important companies in the pankration.

Kenny Omega, the star that WWE seduces

“The Cleaner” is monarch in All Elite Wrestling; but he also has the Triple A Mega Championship, but he added one more belt to his collection by defeating Rich Swaan, Impact Wrestling boss.

During 24 minutes of fighting, Kenny proved that he is the most imposing esthete there is today.

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For several months, Omega has set the tone in the ring, to the degree of being sought after by WWE. However, for now Kenny has preferred to remain a free esthete to be able to be part of any company.

Dream about the collaboration between WWE and AEW

Repeatedly, “The Cleaner” has been questioned about the idea of ​​belonging to Vince McMahon’s company. Even the esthete is aware that sooner or later he will come to WWE.

“If for some reason you were to knock on our door and say that you would love to make a talent change or work together on something, I would be totally okay. Any benefit to the wrestling fan should always come first. When you start thinking about fantasy scenarios, if the fighters intersect like that, it becomes really exciting.

“I think Triple H is still one of the leaders in the locker room. I’m sure a big part of how he runs his business and how he sees WWE and NXT and all of that stuff, he does it with people in mind. Really, I think he’s doing it for the sake of the fans. So when you say things like that you are open for business, I think there is a situation that could eliminate some of the worries and fears of other people, who have something to say to make these things happen; I see it as a reality ”.

Kenny Omega, fighter of AEW

Omega has been polled on several occasions by WWE, especially because they want to face him against AJ Styles, and thus have one of the matches dreamed of by the fans.

Triple H wants Omega in WWE

But the offers have not convinced Kenny, mainly because he does not want to leave his star path in the different industries of the pankration.

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The journalist specialized in wrestling, Dave Meltzer, said that Vince McMahon was the one who approached Kenny and presented him with an offer, but the athlete decided not to continue with the negotiations.

“If they had promised him a WrestleMania match, which would have lasted approximately 35 minutes with AJ Styles, and also offered him more than three million dollars a year, they would have had a chance. I am not sure that this agreement between both parties would have worked ”.

Dave Meltzer, wrestling journalist

Although AEW came to be WWE’s competition, Omega dreams of companies working together, especially so that fans can enjoy the show on the canvas.

Likewise, Kenny knows that Triple H is not naive and if he sees an opportunity for development he will seek an alliance with the opposite brand.

“People change from one day to the next. You can have a bad day and completely change your mind on an issue. But when I spoke to Triple H, I think he understood a lot about my mindset, not just the fact that I seek to unite and unify the world of professional wrestling.

“The thing is, I also understood his position. There is no right or wrong in wrestling anymore. For me, and it’s the position I take on everything, if we can make the fans enjoy what we do more, that’s the right way. “

Kenny Omega, fighter of AEW

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