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Kendall Jenner reinvents the boyfriend look with these chinos

Kendall Jenner It seems to have a style code dedicated specifically to when you step on New York soil and it is that since last winter, The model has chosen very similar looks on her visits to the Big Apple.

The common denominator? The masculine inspiration. In a kind of constant tribute to Annie Hall (what better place to do it than in New York) Jenner In recent months, she has walked through the streets of that city with outfits that take more than one garment from what could be the closet of her boyfriend, her brother or any friend (all with very good taste)

We have seen her with more than one version of tailored pants, with oversized blazers, classic shirts and oxford shoes. All the basics of a dress code with masculine airs that Kendall has been able to give a twist to to give them a modern twist and to, in the same way, exalt your femininity.

On his most recent trip to Tribeca, the top of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, showed off a basic cigar look signed -from head to toe- by the maca of the sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, The Row, as confirmed by the model in a selfie on her Instagram profile.

It was a look made up of high-waisted, cream-colored chino pants that she combined with a white cotton shirt, over which she wore an oversized and open-also white shirt and, as a final touch, braided sandals of low heel.

Kendall adjusted her pants with a black leather belt with gold buckleShe protected her face with a nude mask and carried her belongings in a small handbag the same cream color as her pants.

A look that reaffirms that the boyfriend look can also be achieved without the need to resort to worn wide jeans and that this tension between the feminine and the masculine when dressing is an infallible way to look sexy forever and ever, amen.

How to wear chinos like Kendall Jenner

After this look, we have no doubt that the search for the term chino pants will skyrocket in Google and in all languages, because if there is a garment that captures the mood of 2021 – and we had not thought about it until today – it is, definitely, this trouser model.

Elegant but versatile enough to be successfully combined with a pair of tennis shoes as well as sandals. Favorable as few. If you play with the proportions as it should (high rise and long roll) you will see how they will make you look slimmer. And comfortable, the word we all look for after a year of getting the most out of our pajamas and home clothes. Now if something isn’t comfortable, you don’t have much of a chance to climb.

If we are guided by el look de Kendall Jenner (which is a very good idea) the keys to wearing chinos are basically the classic ones, the ones we saw for years with our parents and grandparents:

  1. If they are high shot, the better.
  2. Attention to the darts, that do not stand out too much, but that they are there to give the right volume to the pants and the curves that you are looking for your body.
  3. It balances the masculine with feminine accents, pointing to the shoes (an infallible trick whatever the dress code is) and with accessories, as Kendall did with her mini bag.
  4. Bet on classic colors, too. Beige is always a good idea, but black and army green are too.
  5. The white shirt will always be an excellent complement, even when you wear it as a jacket.
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