Katya Zhuzha, 33, organized a real holiday for family and friends. The young mother hired a presenter, a DJ and artists who entertained everyone in the audience. Delicious treats, funny contests and lively music awaited the guests. In addition, the couple not only themselves accepted gifts and flowers from those who came to the party, but also strewn them with pleasant presents to loved ones.

Not without jokes: for example, one of the guests burst a balloon in the hope of revealing the sex of the baby, but he turned out to be fake. There were only ordinary multi-colored sequins inside the item. At the end of the event, Markelov personally cut a huge cake in the shape of a polar bear, which was decorated with cream in blue and pink shades. Therefore, many fans of the couple have no doubt that they will have twins. Katya herself wrote in a story that she experienced a real shock when she learned the news about the sex of the unborn baby.

Recall that the spouses have two more heirs. Zhuzha’s daughter from a previous relationship is Nicole and a common son, Max, who is not yet a year old. By the way, it was the recent childbirth that became the reason why Katya initially did not believe in a new pregnancy. True, she does not hide that she dreamed of a third child.

“We really wanted Maksik, but we couldn’t manage it for 1.5 years. I was 99% sure that we will face the same problem again. My husband and I dreamed of the weather and began to purposefully invent them. Without waiting for the arrival of “women’s days”, four days before their start, I did the test. In full confidence that nothing came of it, I threw it in the trash, ”she shared.

Later, Zhuzha accidentally saw a discarded test on which the coveted two stripes flaunted. Katya still has not told the public what month she is. Fans wish the future mother of many children an easy pregnancy and successful childbirth.

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