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Kate Middleton wore a detail in her outfit that reminded us of Lady Di

Kate Middleton is about to launch his photography book entitled Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020. And to announce it, the official account of the Kensington Palace posted a photo from duchess of cambridge where her outfit is appreciated: a sweater in red over a white blouse with a ruffled collar, while holding a photographic camera.

Seeing the collar that Duchess Kate Middleton wore, we couldn’t stop thinking about the style that characterized the Princess Diana in the 1980s. On various occasions, Lady Di was seen with outfits, both casual and formal, with ruffled collars; and he knew how to combine them (always) in the best possible way to continue being that icon of the fashion that we know so far.

It seems that the deceased Princess Diana is still a great influence for Kate Middleton as far as fashion is concerned. Well, it is well known, and it is documented with photos, the way in which Kate winks at her husband’s mother, the Prince William, on certain occasions with the different outfits that has led.

The collars and the blouses with flyers are becoming one of the main trends of fashion. Ribbed multi-layers may throw you back to when you were four, but this boyish and youthful statement has made a top fashion change in recent years. The ruffles add volume in all the right places and look very feminine.

How to wear ruffled collars and blouses?

There are several ways you can combine your ruffled blouses or the blouses you have with ruffle collar. For example, the Princess DianaShe usually wore a ruffled collar blouse under a sweater or tailored jacket to also show off the touch of buttons; furthermore, she almost always wore skirts when she wore them.

Although the decades of the 80s and 90s are returning, now there are many more options and combinations to be made; There are other ways you can adapt this type of blouse to your style. For example, you can use a long-sleeved blouse with a ruffled neckline and a sweater over it and jeans. like Kate Middleton did.

Or, if you want to style your look a little more, you can use some faux leather pants and a pair of stilettos with it shirt and one faux leather jacket to create a more chic outfit for a meeting or outing to restaurants at night. Whichever way you feel most comfortable, connect with your inner princess or duchess, and look spectacular with this type of outfit. flyers they look ultra feminine.

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