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Kate Middleton teaches how to wear jeans in the most elegant way and like a queen

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has great style and sets trends with every look she wears.

And it is that either a casual or formal look, the Duchess always dazzles and exudes class at all times.

Like when she wears jeans, and although royalty is not the style to wear this type of garment, Kate has worn them in the most elegant way.

Kate Middleton teaches how to wear jeans in the most elegant way

Prince William’s wife has given us great fashion lessons to wear pants and look just as sophisticated and formal.

Jeans with sweater

One of the ways that Kate has worn jeans is by combining it with a beige sweater, a neutral and elegant tone that enhances your elegance.

This time the Duchess wore this outfit with boots, but you can also complement the look with tennis shoes, or even heels.

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Jeans with shirt

The duchess put aside the dresses to wear dark skinny jeans that she paired with a white shirt.

And she complemented this look with a belt and combat boots, looking more elegant and beautiful than ever.

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Jeans with blazer and espadrilles

Another of the more sophisticated ways that Kate wore jeans was with a white ruffled blouse with a blazer.

To complement her outfit, she wore dark espadrilles, one of her favorite shoes, which are very comfortable and delicate.

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Jeans with jacket and boots

The duchess wore skinny jeans with a sweater and complemented with a coat and maxi boots in brown.

For this outfit, she wore her hair semi-collected, looking like a queen and enhanced her elegance as always.

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