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Kamala Harris terrifies the right

  • Melanie Gottschalk

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There is much speculation about Joe Biden’s health. Should he no longer be able to be US President, Kamala Harris would take over.

  • Steve Bannon, former advisor to the former US President Donald Trump, expresses concern about the health of the US President Joe Biden.
  • At the same time he complains about the offensive role of the Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • But Bannon is not the only one who seems to panic that the 46th President of the USA cannot end his term of office.

Washington DC – Rights in the USA apparently panic in front of one coming to power soon from Vice President Kamala Harris. Because according to their statements US President Joe Biden sicker than many know and may soon no longer be able to exercise his office. Should that be the case, Harris would take over the business of government.

In his Podcast „War Room“ said Steve Bannon, former advisor to the former US President Donald Trump, it was time to get ready to hand over Joe Biden an Kamala Harris. “His eyes are dead now,” said Bannon of Biden, Harris also played an enormous role compared to previous Vice President: inside. Harris is involved in many meetings. “It never was pence. That’s not the role of a vice president, ”said Bannon.

Kamala Harris Spotlight: Rights claim they know how Joe Biden is doing

Bannon isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem to like these developments entirely. In an interview on Fox News left the former Secret Service employee and Trump supporter Dan Bongino announced that he had spoken to former colleagues who worked closely with US President Joe Biden work together. He is in “really significant trouble” and his health is much worse than reported. Everyone in Biden’s environment knows that. “It’s a scandal that they don’t tell us how bad things really are for him,” Bongino learns.

Name Kamala Harris
Alter 56 years
Office Vice President of the USA
Political party Democratic Party

Bongino commented on the health of US President Joe Biden according to a letter written by California Democratic MP Jimmy Panetta. In it he asks that access to the nuclear codes be shared with some members of the Biden government. “Transferring authority to just one person leads to real problems,” the letter says.

Nuclear codes are to be distributed to several members of the government

However, the request is based on another problem, the one with the State of health of US President Joe Biden should have nothing to do. “Former presidents were forced to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or launch attacks. Other officials had to trust the president’s judgment, ”the letter said. “While each president would discuss such a step with others beforehand, there is no order.” The military is obliged to carry out the US president’s order – and that can be done in a few minutes.

In the letter, however, the Democratic MP also points to the history of the relationship between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, especially in response to a tweet from the ex-president in which he had bragged about the larger nuclear arsenal compared to North Korea. He would also advocate distributing the nuclear codes so that the decision no longer rests on the president’s shoulders alone. For example with Kamala Harris. (Melanie Gottschalk)

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