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Kamala Harris denounces racism in the US health system

In the United States, blacks are much more likely to be infected with the corona virus. And they also die more often from the disease. As early as the spring, the death rate for non-whites in the USA was twice as high in many places. Now the future Vice President Kamala Harris has denounced racism in the US health system on Twitter.

Harris refers in the tweet to the death of a black doctor infected with the coronavirus. »Black women, whose worries and pain are often downplayed or ignored in our health system, experience this tragedy all too often in our country. We have to do better, ”wrote the Democrat.

According to media reports, doctor Susan Moore, who had Covid-19, died on December 20 in a hospital in Indiana, USA. In a video she had posted from the hospital bed two weeks earlier, she said she was being treated badly by the hospital staff, as reported by Essence magazine.

She had to “beg” for a CT scan and did not receive the drug she wanted remdesivir. Later that evening, a white doctor wanted to discharge her. “This is how black people are killed when they are sent home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves,” said the doctor tearfully.

On Saturday, four black doctors had already denounced injustices in health care in the Washington Post. Covid-19 exposed the structural injustices that black people in the US are exposed to. “They are more infected than whites and die more often.” Moore’s video offers an insight into these injustices. Their experience confirms that there is a system that assigns values ​​based on skin color. “This system has a name: racism.” Early on in the pandemic, health experts were alarmed that the coronavirus hits minorities in the United States much harder than other Americans.

Indiana hospital executive director Dennis Murphy wrote that he was deeply saddened by Moore’s death. He does not believe that “the technical aspects of the treatment” have failed. “However, I am concerned that we may not have shown the level of compassion and respect we seek to understand what is most important to patients.” The case will be reviewed internally and externally. Discrimination of any kind should be fought in his hospital.

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