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K lawmakers bid for updated compensation

The initiative also makes it clear that “the update of the monthly advance payment on account of the final result of the provincial system will be carried out considering the percentage variation of the pension mobility index of the Argentine Pension System (SIPA) between the month of July of the year in which the last determined deficit corresponds, be it temporary or definitive, and the month prior to the accrual -sic- of the installment ”. At the time of establishing the final annual result, “the difference must be determined by applying the retirement mobility indices that are representative of each Scheme, from July 31 of the year in question to the month of the final agreement.”

Days before the presentation in the Senate, lhe Pampean deputies of Kirchnerism Hernán Pérez Araujo, Melina Delú and Ariel Rauschenberger presented the same project in the lower house. If successful, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Chubut, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Formosa, La Pampa, Misiones, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Tierra del Fuego and Corrientes would be compensated. The last one is the only one managed by a radical governor, Gustavo Valdés.

In the arguments of the initiative, Lovera and Durango presented the reasons for solving the obstacles that currently arise: “It is established in the National Budget, as a budget credit for transfers to provincial pension funds of the National Social Security Administration, a determined sum within the Program Transfers and Contributions to Social Security and Decentralized Organizations, Group 07, Transfers to Provincial Pension Funds. But there is a lag between the audited periods and the effective payment date, clearly detrimental to the provincial administrations, which are affected by the inflationary index of said periods, forecast for 2021 at 29%, according to the recently sanctioned budget guidelines. by both houses of this Congress ”.

The legislators added that in article 56 of the law of laws, “the ‘ANSES will transfer monthly to the provinces that did not transfer their pension regimes to the National State, as an advance on account, of the final result of the provincial pension system, the equivalent to one twelfth of the last total amount of the deficit – provisional or definitive – determined in accordance with it in Decree No. 730 of August 8, 2018 and its complementary and / or modifying regulations’ ”.

According to Lovera and Durango, this situation “maintains intact the damage caused to the provinces that have not transferred their funds,” and therefore the need for an updated and automatic advance payment to “equalize the liabilities of the provinces that do they have transferred and that they collect in a timely manner, without sacrifice by their provincial governments ”.

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