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Juventus and Liverpool, the greats who are in danger of being left out of an unusual Champions League

10 years after his last absence in the Champions League, Juventus is playing his qualification to the continental tournament in a dramatic closing of the season, the same risk that Liverpool runs, whose last season without participating in the maximum continental tournament was in the 2016-17 season .

The 2011-12 season marks just the most recent time Juventus was left out of the Champions group stage, when they finished seventh in Serie A in the 2010-11 season.

In turn, Liverpool were eighth in the season 2015-16 season, which caused them to miss the tournament in 2016-17.

It is not very common for this to happen in clubs of this caliber, but it is striking that two teams involved in the Super League project have problems qualifying for the Champions League, when what they are looking to do is compete at the highest levels.

Juventus is not dependent on itself. This Saturday he will try to arrive with options for the last day, when he faces the champion Inter Milan, who does not play more than pride and is motivated to leave one of his fiercest rivals out of the Champions League.

His big bet is, in addition to his obligation to win this Saturday, that one of the three teams that overcome him (Atalanta, Milan and Napoli) stumble to reach the last date alive, in which he will face Bologna. Before, on Wednesday 19, they will play the Cup final against Atalanta.

Napoli is the most accessible goal for Juventus, but if the ‘Chucky’ Lozano team wins its two games, the results of Juventus will not matter, which will have to settle for playing the Europa League.


Unlike Juve, Liverpool do have control over their destiny. The advantage is that he has a pending game, which is the one that could give him the fourth place that Chelsea occupies today and which is the one that gives the last ticket to the Champions League.

Two games, against West Brom and Burnley, will be played as a visitor, while the last will be against Crystal Palace. Another advantage? That Chelsea has to play the Champions League Final only one week after the last day in the Premier League, so the pressure could play in favor of Liverpool, which despite everything has nothing assured, since they must win all three matches and what is done in the season does not guarantee that you will achieve it.


But these ‘rebel’ clubs that sought to join the Super League so as not to ‘battle’ with these problems are not the only cases.

With two games to go to finish Ligue 1, PSG is almost resigned to handing over the title to leader Lille, who leads them by three points and has everything to be crowned.

But downwards he runs a high risk, since in third place is Monaco, one point, and fourth is Lyon, three. Any stumbling block can complicate the season for PSG, which qualified for the French Cup Final, but if they were out of the Champions League, they would also break a streak of 10 consecutive seasons by qualifying.

Stade de Reims and Brest will define their future next season.

Less dramatic may be the closure for Borussia Dortmund, which has also been constant in recent seasons in the Champions League, but if it does not retain its current fourth place (58 points), it will be left out of the top European competition, as it only has an advantage by one point to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Thus, the composition of the Champions League would have teams that are not usually so constant, while others would have to settle for the Europa League.

There are currently 13 classified teams -Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, Inter, Sporting CP, Ajax, Zenit and Dinamo Kiev- have secured their place in the phase of groups.

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