Hailey Baldwin took to her YouTube channel to vent about mental health, and how she deals with pressure from heaters on social media. The truth is that the model has been singled out relentlessly since she married Justin Bieber, and she shared how he helped her cope with the pressures of hate on the internet. Hailey discussed the issue with psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons on the episode of “A Conversation With.”

The model confirmed that she left Twitter and rarely uses Instagram. “My husband has helped me a lot with that. I really give him credit that he’s been doing this for a lot longer at this really massive level, “he explained. “I think I’ve been through a phase where I think ‘I get it. I don’t want to hear it ‘… and then I do and he says,’ I told you. Life is so much better this way. ‘ And he was absolutely right, ”explains Hailey.

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“I think for the last 2 and a half years by myself, especially after getting married, it really opened me up to this new kind of level of care. I think one of the biggest things I struggled with was the comparison aspect. Comparison of appearance and demeanor, ”Hailey revealed on how she went from model to stratosphere by being Ms. Bieber on September 13, 2018.

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Did Hailey Baldwin feel compared to Selena Gomez?

While she did not mention the name of her husband’s ex, Selena Gomez, Hailey spoke of the intense harassment she received after marrying the singer. “I think when you’re going through a situation where you have so many people harassing the same thing over and over again, it starts to complicate your mind and you start questioning everything and you think, ‘Is there something I’m not seeing that they see, maybe Are you right? ‘”.

In addition, Hailey confessed that she stayed away from social networks because of her mental health. He ensures that he does not use Instagram from Monday to Friday, taking his profile only visits on weekends. “I was getting to the point where I was going to open my Instagram for no reason. It was kind of a reflex, ”he explained, then added,“ Another thing I did, which I think was really helpful, was turn off comments on my page, except for the people I follow. When I look at my comments now when I post a photo or video, I know that it will only be people that I know will only be positive, and it will only be encouraging and uplifting, ”she shared.

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Bieber’s wife later explained that she closed her Twitter because it was causing her terrible “anxiety.” “I don’t even have a Twitter anymore because there was never a time when I could go there and it didn’t feel like it was a very toxic environment… The thought of opening the app makes me so anxious that I feel like I’m going to throw up. So I got rid of that because I thought ‘it just has to go, it doesn’t need to be a part of my life anymore.’ He also suggested: “People can say what they want on the Internet. And then this goes viral because people believe everything they see on social media ”.

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