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Justice decided that Amado Boudou must return to prison to serve the sentence in the Ciccone case

Amado Boudou during the oral trial
Amado Boudou during the oral trial

Former vice president Amado Boudou must return to Ezeiza prison. In line with the Supreme Court ruling, which earlier this month confirmed his conviction in the Ciccone case, Judge Daniel Obligado today revoked the benefit of house arrest.

According to judicial sources, the defense of the former official has 10 days to appeal to the Chamber of Cassation. Until this court decides it will continue with domiciliary.

Prosecutors Guillermina García Padín and Marcelo Colombo had rejected the proposals of the defense of the former Minister of Economy for him to continue at home because they considered that “Is in good general health” and that the protection of your children is guaranteed.

At the beginning of December, the Supreme Court had already rejected all the appeals presented in the Ciccone case and signed the sentence of 5 years and 10 months that an oral court had handed down in 2018. Boudou had been under house arrest since April: it started in an apartment in the Barracas neighborhood and then asked permission to move to a house in Avellaneda.

In recent days, the Obligado judge had ordered various reports on the three convicts who are serving time at their homes. In the case of José María Núñez Carmona and Nicolás Ciccone, he asked for two medical meetings to update their health status. With those results in hand, the magistrate asked the prosecutors to issue them on the benefit of the domicile of the three convicts.


The former vice president had been convicted of the crimes of passive bribery (receiving bribes) and negotiations incompatible with the public function. The TOF 4 judges also disqualified him for life from holding public office and ordered his immediate arrest for the purchase of the intaglio Ciccone by The Old Fund, a front company that had Vandenbroele as its visible face.

His friend and partner José María Núñez Carmona was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months in prison and businessman Nicolás Ciccone to 4 years and 6 months for the crime of active bribery. The court also sentenced the repentant Alejandro Vandenbroele to 2 years in prison, Rafael Resnick Brenner (a former AFIP official) to 3 years, and the former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy Guido Forcieri to 2 years and six months. The last two were convicted as necessary participants in the crime of negotiations incompatible with the public function.

Last April, Judge Daniel Obligado granted him house arrest amid the health emergency due to the coronavirus. “The current global context of health emergency due to COVID-19, certainly upsets practically all the guidelines of interpersonal relationships, thus affecting the implementation of the behavioral objectives assumed by the normative plexus of the execution of sentences (law 24.660), that they ultimately successfully achieve the social insertion of whoever is convicted, once their full freedom has been recovered ”, the magistrate had argued.

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