The 41-year-old actress surprised fans with an unexpected transformation. The long-haired beauty posted a photo of a blonde with short hair.

Albina’s curls are ash-colored, and their length barely reaches the cheekbones. The daring look was complemented by makeup with an emphasis on the eyes and large hoop earrings that flaunted in Dzhanabaeva’s ears.

Apparently, the transformation was temporary. Fans suggested that the singer used a wig to shoot a new video, because in the caption to the picture, she asked if she should decide on such changes. “Yes or no?” – asked the star.

Most of the followers asked their pet not to change anything in appearance, but some of the updated hairstyle were to their liking. “Immediately younger! It’s like a 20-year-old student ”,“ Just fire! ”,“ Very bold and beautiful, ”wrote Internet users.

Recall that now Dzhanabaeva is pregnant for the third time by her husband, popular musician Valery Meladze. The couple already have two sons. The first heir, Konstantin, was born in 2004, long before the singer’s scandalous divorce from his first wife Irina. In 2014, Albina gave birth to a second boy, who was named Luca.


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