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Julia Roberts turns to olive oil for beautiful nails

Julia Roberts does the same as many of us and sometimes resorts to those natural ingredients that we can find in the cupboard of our house to make them part of our beauty routines. In this case, bet on the olive oil, one of the favorites for culinary use, but also for some time to hydrater nails, hair and skin.

The film actress Julia Roberts is one of the Hollywood celebrities who bets on this oil extracted from the pulp of the olive to help you her nails to stay beautiful and also applies it to the face to give it a luminous appearance. The protagonist of ‘Pretty Woman’ It is not the only one who takes advantage of the multiple cosmetic uses of this oil, Emma Stone, Liv Tyler and Kylie Jenner are also participants in this natural ingredient.

Because it is a democratic ingredient and easily accessible, it is currently common to find that natural cosmetic products and industrial companies that make olive oil one of his favorite ingredients for creams, soaps, scrubs, make-up removers and serums, with the aim of revitalizing different parts of the body and giving a deep hydration without leaving a greasy sensation afterwards. However, it is also possible to do it with the bottles that we can buy in the supermarket.

How does Julia Roberts use olive oil?

As is also the case with a good haircut, the basis for being able to wear one of the styles for trendy nails this 2021 is that you have them in the best conditions and many times the changes in temperatures and pollution contribute to their being poorly hydrated and fragile. Julia Roberts He has stated on several occasions that he uses this ingredient as one of his favorites.

The way you do it for your hands and hair is to mix some how many drops of olive oil with water and apply around the ones in the area of ​​the cuticles. He does the same with his hair from medium to ends. Allow the magic to happen for a few minutes and then remove it by rinsing it off with water.

Repeat exactly the same procedure when it comes to the face, only in that case try that the water is warm and give yourself a gentle massage for a few minutes before removing. For some impact feet, what you do is apply a few drops of oil pure extra virgin olive and then she keeps an old pair of socks on overnight. Buying one that is natural and of good quality is key to having better results.

Why is olive oil beneficial?

The olive oil has properties that help retain water on the skin, this makes it stay luminous, hydrated and rejuvenated. It is rich in vital antioxidants that prevent damage caused by the sun and ultraviolet radiation, so if you apply it to the face it can be of great help to prevent the premature aging, as well as signs of irritation or redness.

It also has essential amino acids Y polyphenols, substances with anti-inflammatory properties. Compared to other types of fats and oils, it is characterized by having a high concentration of squalene, the star ingredient for nourishing skin, hair, eyelashes and nail cuticles. It also contains omega 9, vitamins A, C, E y K.

For its ability to fight bacteria It is also suitable for those with acne prone skin, in addition to helping wound healing in a short time. However, before using it on any part of the body it is recommended that you do a test on another part of the body, such as the back of the hand or arm, to ensure that you will not have allergic reactions. It is unlikely, since it is recommended for sensitive skin, but it will always be better to do it even with all the new products we buy.

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