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Julia (8) saved – at night she was alone with the animals of the forest

Cold air, the wind blows through the treetops, suddenly there is a crack, there is a rustling … It is almost unimaginable to spend a night alone in the vastness of the Bohemian Forest. For little Julia (8), this nightmare became a reality twice. Until after 45 hours she was completely exhausted and rescued.

Ceska Kubice (Czech Republic) – Eight-year-old Julia was released from the hospital the day after she was rescued in the border area of ​​the Czech Republic. The girl from Berlin was missing after a family outing, on Tuesday a Czech forester discovered the child. Then she was taken to a clinic in Cham (Bavaria).

“Except for a slight scratch on the leg, the child was uninjured,” said police spokesman Florian Beck. The hypothermic girl was slowly warmed up again. On Wednesday, her family was able to pick up Julia from the hospital with company.

As the police in Bavaria further announced, Julia had covered several kilometers on foot in the forest in the two days. At night she slept in a meadow in tall grass and saw animals such as deer, foxes and a wild boar, the police spokesman described the child’s description.

You haven’t eaten or drunk anything. She was looking for the hiking trail on which she and her family had climbed a mountain, but she could not find it.

Because she was afraid in the forest at night, she did not draw attention to herself. Ultimately, after a large search operation with more than 1,400 helpers, Julia was found near Ceska Kubice in the Czech Republic.

The family let it be known that they were “overjoyed and expressly thank all of the helpers”.

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