Judge grants protection to Raymundo Collins, former head of the capital’s police

After a federal judge granted an amparo to the former head of the Housing Institute, Raymundo Collins Flores, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, commented that it is not a question of protection for the detention, but is requesting that a series of prior hearings be held before the arrest warrant.

“Today in the security cabinet, the Attorney General, in this case is the one who has to report on the issue, but reported in the cabinet that this protection, is not that it prevents his arrest, but that he is requesting before of the arrest warrant, in the case of a crime, do the interview first, “he said.

He explained that, in the case of Collins Flores, he has not appeared when he has been called, in fact, the prosecution has stated that he is probably outside of Mexico.

They trust that processes of former officials continue

Before the investigation 23 former collaborators of the administration led by Miguel Ángel Mancera, the Head of Government of the City, Claudia Sheinbaum, trusted that the processes in the General Comptroller of Justice and the General Prosecutor of Justice (FGJ) are continuing, as well as for his capture.

He indicated that he hopes that the investigation files will proceed against the former officials, but that in the arrest warrants it will be the investigation police that will carry out the investigations for their capture.

THE UNIVERSAL published this Monday that at least 23 former officials of the last administration have proceedings open against them, while others are fugitives from justice, such as Edgar Tungüi, former Commissioner for Reconstruction, and Philip of Jesus, former Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, as well as Raymundo Collins, former director of the Housing Institute and former Secretary of Security.

Another former collaborator on the FGJ list is José Jaime Slomianski Aguilar, who served as head of the Urban Management Agency. His investigation is still in the process of integration. Julio César Serna has at least two files.

Regarding the crimes of last year, Sheinbaum explained that a balance will be presented on the high-impact crimes that were registered in 2018, 2019 and 2020, but he announced that they were reduced due to the health emergency.


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