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Juan Schiaretti confirmed that there will be no new restrictions in Córdoba

The governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, confirmed this Thursday that in his province will not impose the night restriction to circulate, a measure that will be made official by the Government of the nation in the coming hours due to the increase in cases of coronavirus.

“We are going to continue with the work system with which we came up to today,” said the provincial president. And he explained: “The industrial productive activity is open 24 hours, shops can operate until 23 during the tourist season and bars and restaurants continue to be able to work until 1 in the morning.”

Although he made it clear that there will be no major restrictions, Schiaretti sent a message to the population. “Córdoba managed to recover freedoms and job opportunities because together we show social responsibility. Now, I ask the merchants, the owners of bars and restaurants to keep applying the protocols. That the alcohol is in the gel, that the application is used, that all the measures established in the protocols are used. Only in this way will we be able to maintain the freedom of movement and work that we have ”, he remarked.

In addition, he spoke directly to the younger ones. “Maybe they don’t have symptoms, maybe the disease has no consequences for them, but it does have consequences for their elderly loved ones, whom they have and we have to take care of together,” he stressed.

He also assured that he will “Increase testing to give more security to the people “, before the arrival of 190 thousand people who entered the province before the summer season.

“We have worked with the municipalities to get to do some 15 thousand daily tests. We specify that given the increase in circulation that occurs during the summer season and because Córdoba is a tourist province, we will have faster the identification of those who may be with Covid and often do not know it, “he explained.

Schiaretti assured that the increase in infections in his province “it is not a second wave but a regrowth ”, but he called to “prepare for the second wave.” “That is why we are going to increase Covid’s critical beds by 495 in February,” he announced.

“Today there are firm hopes of ending the pandemic because it is already being vaccinated,” Schiaretti had said minutes before. He also specified that Córdoba was the first province to complete the first stage of vaccination by placing 10,750 doses to health personnel, “which is on the front line of the fight against Covid-19.”

“If Córdoba continues to act like this, it continues to be serious and willing to face the pandemic, if we continue to do it together and if there is social responsibility as our people have shown so far, I have no doubt that in 2021, with the vaccine, Córdoba it can defeat the pandemic ”, he closed.

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